Everyone tried to be perfect but nothing was worth it i don’t believe it makes me real i thought it’d be easy but no one believes me i meant all the things i said. Inconvenience, misery pain. I'm fix upon established as fast as decision is concerned or dependent in any situation taking advantage for overpowering skills, talents and feelings sometimes. I'm best fit in overthrowing worthiness, ideal in patience that lead to my sufferance as fine as glass. worst than better. This place is so empty with my thoughts are so tempting, i don’t know how it got so bad sometimes , it’s so crazy that nothing can save me, but that's the only thing that I have. Believe me it’s in my soul, I’d say all the words that i know just to see if it would show that I'm trying to let you know and I can’t believe you pulled it off again or notice till it all sets, in you’ll deny it ‘til you’re at your bitter end . Your good intentions slowly turn to bitterness. You’re hiding something, ‘cause it’s burning through your eyes i try to get it out, but all i hear from you are lies. and i can tell you’re going through the motions i figured you were acting out your part once again, we’re playing off emotion which one of us? Catalyst, you insist to pull me down you contradict the fact that you still want me around.

Staring at my shadow i see the world around me never felt as if my existence, reflecting these walls so proudly intentions of the past defined so quickly it's hard to change myself never mind all the people around me, i try to push it to the side but never put the blame on anybody's head but mine I'm still searching for my pride I'll keep searching but there's so many places for it to hide i try, I've tried so hard to change for you.

Well i feel there's something wrong with my life but that's the way it should be i used to it! i really hate it, when i lie to you but what does the truth mean to me well what went wrong your back is turned again is this the beginning or the end. Is this all wrong for you are a friend such a position that I'm on it, well you know I'm trying so hard to live my life without you and i tried so hard i got you now inside my heart it kills fueled by your love in the end. I'll call your name I'm letting it all go, it's time for you to know that all this time I've been so wrong I'm letting go the time faster than slow and everything is there for you, well you know? when i go away from you? i lose control for my body is feeling cold like a winter day, then i close my eyes a memory of person so clear then i close my eyes.

Well you turn around? look upon what you can see! through it all, I made my mistakes i stumble and fall, but I mean these words.The mirror of your dreams make believe I'm everywhere, living in the lines written on the pages is the answer to our never ending story reach the stars, fly a fantasy dream a dream, and what you see will be and there upon the rainbow is the answer to our never ending story, story... never ending story.... show no fear, for she may fade away in your hand, the birth of a new day lives that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds and there upon the rainbow is the answer to our never ending story.

Dear your name here.... it's been a long time, very long time since I've heard your voice and I bet you never thought I was so sorry so? I've had a hard time, very hard time seeing less of you. I never thought you knew? so can you see you're seeing less of me darling? and you're blind to the fact of my distinguished sufferance............

Why Afraid?

I wonder why or when this story should be, I still waiting for this world to stop hating, i know this can't last forever and time won't make things better. I can't find a good reason, cannot find hope to believe. Can't help myself, Why am i afraid of me? Why you are afraid of me? is this worthless? what have we done? so please tell me. am i a social tool without a use? anything wrong with me? then i can't see and I live day to day - therefore I write.

Let me share you this story. a story of a girl like a aghast rare adamant. a gemstone that is always frightened, always panic in the time where i was there, i don't know why she is always afraid of me? or am i afraid of myself? dumb to ask, cool to ignore! i had already made my entrance, avoided hazards. Now its time to toss the thorns away. But she was utterly horrified again and again then i realized that could be the way it is.

Onetime i had planned to draw near to him and say simple hi but she refuses . honestly my intention at that time was just to fix my things out there in the room but un-alarmed fear come out in my mind that she would be upset to me, am i careless? i just to want to know how she is? is she alright all the time? then why am i always afraid of me? why she always afraid me?. She always makes me feel like it's raining outside. anxious and dismay.

I get scared to move, a stupid worthless guy right? push it out, avert disaster, just in time. Your words walk right through my ears, presuming I like what I hear. Now I'm stuck in the web you're spinning then you've got me for you prey. Finally I'm not afraid of me and you are not afraid of me for am i afraid of you.

Anyway, I bring this up as a reminder that there is a lot of good nutritious stuff out there for reading pleasure, and that you shouldn't just automatically void whatever you don't like. Each time we face our fear, we gain courage, strength, and confidence in the doing, the key to change.. is to let go of fear and the greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. "We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore".

Thanks for reading hope you like it!

Topsecret to become a great SEO

Ignoring the most important S.E.O agent behavior?
However, here is the S.E.O secret list to fulfill your dreams to become a great S.E.O specialist. happy reading hope you like it!

1. Contribute effectively: (understand your business models)
The difference between a great SEO or any other professional is their ability to get things done. Navigating pitfalls, effectively communicating and maintaining superior knowledge all lead to greatness.

Bring ways to contribute to the bottom line, and make them happen even others would block your way, and you will have achieved greatness.You will see, the key to greatness is being more than just a Search Engine Optimizer. "SEO is not just implementation" it’s largely strategy sometimes it’s a strategy that may not even be known to your company. Bring a revenue strategy, along with the Search Engine Optimization ability to implement it.

2. Choosing your battles:
A great Search Engine Optimizer lives to fight day by day until tomorrow and comes knocking at another door. You see, there’s always more than one answer. Now that's your job to figure it out sometimes a small SEO sacrifice can reap large gains in other areas and sometimes the decision makers understand SEO, and fly directly against a known best practice.

3. Argue with your facts:
We know rankings influence revenue, and how your project influences rankings. People can’t argue with fact-based numbers. At that point, your nemesis will need to justify their reasons with facts, and not opinions. Do this respectfully, and firmly. When it’s done, you’ll win. Or, you’ll realize SEO may be hopeless where you’re at.

Grab the high road simple like adding related links to a page may be a no-brainier to you, but it may look like a spam to someone that just doesn’t understand the reason right? so stay calm and be patient.

4. Share your glory: (Be a team player)
Not all or everyone understands how they impact the bottom line. Explain to them, train them or told them what would it be? and recruit them, and your goals will be much easier to meet. When people are rewarded or get praised they’ll get on your team. Now getting more into the psychology of a "great S.EO". It’s was easy to take credit for a change that reaps huge rewards.Let anyone know how rewarding it was for the company and make sure your boss knows it.

5. Embrace your limitations: (Don't run)
Honestly face defeat; never fake success.
Exploit the failure; don’t waste it. Learn all you can from it; every bitter experience can teach us something.
Never use failure as an excuse for not trying again.
Being a "great" doesn’t mean you need to be great at everything. Asking for help is well ok, and very much a sign of greatness. The hardest things to do sometimes is admiting what you don’t do well. Doing so you will earn the respect of others and insure that those holes are plugged by other team members. you can work on them as you go, but never hide them.

6. Learn from your surroundings:
Always identify potential roadblocks to address them with facts. Do not humiliate someone who doesn’t understand Search Engine Optimization seemingly obvious to you but not be obvious to them otherwise only if you give respect do you earn the right to command it. One worst thing you can do as a Search Engine Optimizer is surprise, or ambush, people. You need to assume other departments will already be skeptical of your sorcerer ways. It’s only natural.

7. Plan your projects accordingly:
Always understand your resources
Sharing, creating and following a road map will buy you the space to work and if link building is involved "particularly". Be certain your project is funded, planned, bench-marked and understood by others and a certain time is budgeted for a diligent effort. Always keep in your mind that the Paid Search team has a huge advantage there and truthfully their results are relatively predictable. Otherwise yours were not.

8. Know your product:
You must know exactly what you’re looking for and not just wait for it to be delivered to you. Know how the customers speak, and you’ll know what you’re looking for and now as more and more keyword research tools become available and making sense of them becomes increasingly mundane. All successful keyword/keywords come from real world terms that often don’t jump out in tools like Word Tracker or Keyword Discovery "keyword research wins"

9. Be a realist: Focus on sustainability
No one agrees on how bounce rate affects rankings, but long term I think everyone agrees nothing good will come of a poor performing, irrelevant page. What do you expect to rank for? Think like a search engine. Find the right answer for a particular search term? otherwise don’t spend your resources working hard for a ranking that you really don’t belong in. For instance if you were building a business model based on a changing algorithm, have a fundamentally sound reason for choosing your terms. If you don’t, create one.

10. Be humble: Value goals beyond rankings
A great S.E.O knows that the ultimate success involves checking their ego. Ranking for an ultra cool term is great chest-pounding material, but the contribution to the bottom line is the currency that spends. Whether the goals are sales, or traffic, ranking for the ugly terms may not be as cool to the world, but it will be to your company.
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