Why Afraid?

I wonder why or when this story should be, I still waiting for this world to stop hating, i know this can't last forever and time won't make things better. I can't find a good reason, cannot find hope to believe. Can't help myself, Why am i afraid of me? Why you are afraid of me? is this worthless? what have we done? so please tell me. am i a social tool without a use? anything wrong with me? then i can't see and I live day to day - therefore I write.

Let me share you this story. a story of a girl like a aghast rare adamant. a gemstone that is always frightened, always panic in the time where i was there, i don't know why she is always afraid of me? or am i afraid of myself? dumb to ask, cool to ignore! i had already made my entrance, avoided hazards. Now its time to toss the thorns away. But she was utterly horrified again and again then i realized that could be the way it is.

Onetime i had planned to draw near to him and say simple hi but she refuses . honestly my intention at that time was just to fix my things out there in the room but un-alarmed fear come out in my mind that she would be upset to me, am i careless? i just to want to know how she is? is she alright all the time? then why am i always afraid of me? why she always afraid me?. She always makes me feel like it's raining outside. anxious and dismay.

I get scared to move, a stupid worthless guy right? push it out, avert disaster, just in time. Your words walk right through my ears, presuming I like what I hear. Now I'm stuck in the web you're spinning then you've got me for you prey. Finally I'm not afraid of me and you are not afraid of me for am i afraid of you.

Anyway, I bring this up as a reminder that there is a lot of good nutritious stuff out there for reading pleasure, and that you shouldn't just automatically void whatever you don't like. Each time we face our fear, we gain courage, strength, and confidence in the doing, the key to change.. is to let go of fear and the greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure. "We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore".

Thanks for reading hope you like it!


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