Everyone tried to be perfect but nothing was worth it i don’t believe it makes me real i thought it’d be easy but no one believes me i meant all the things i said. Inconvenience, misery pain. I'm fix upon established as fast as decision is concerned or dependent in any situation taking advantage for overpowering skills, talents and feelings sometimes. I'm best fit in overthrowing worthiness, ideal in patience that lead to my sufferance as fine as glass. worst than better. This place is so empty with my thoughts are so tempting, i don’t know how it got so bad sometimes , it’s so crazy that nothing can save me, but that's the only thing that I have. Believe me it’s in my soul, I’d say all the words that i know just to see if it would show that I'm trying to let you know and I can’t believe you pulled it off again or notice till it all sets, in you’ll deny it ‘til you’re at your bitter end . Your good intentions slowly turn to bitterness. You’re hiding something, ‘cause it’s burning through your eyes i try to get it out, but all i hear from you are lies. and i can tell you’re going through the motions i figured you were acting out your part once again, we’re playing off emotion which one of us? Catalyst, you insist to pull me down you contradict the fact that you still want me around.

Staring at my shadow i see the world around me never felt as if my existence, reflecting these walls so proudly intentions of the past defined so quickly it's hard to change myself never mind all the people around me, i try to push it to the side but never put the blame on anybody's head but mine I'm still searching for my pride I'll keep searching but there's so many places for it to hide i try, I've tried so hard to change for you.

Well i feel there's something wrong with my life but that's the way it should be i used to it! i really hate it, when i lie to you but what does the truth mean to me well what went wrong your back is turned again is this the beginning or the end. Is this all wrong for you are a friend such a position that I'm on it, well you know I'm trying so hard to live my life without you and i tried so hard i got you now inside my heart it kills fueled by your love in the end. I'll call your name I'm letting it all go, it's time for you to know that all this time I've been so wrong I'm letting go the time faster than slow and everything is there for you, well you know? when i go away from you? i lose control for my body is feeling cold like a winter day, then i close my eyes a memory of person so clear then i close my eyes.

Well you turn around? look upon what you can see! through it all, I made my mistakes i stumble and fall, but I mean these words.The mirror of your dreams make believe I'm everywhere, living in the lines written on the pages is the answer to our never ending story reach the stars, fly a fantasy dream a dream, and what you see will be and there upon the rainbow is the answer to our never ending story, story... never ending story.... show no fear, for she may fade away in your hand, the birth of a new day lives that keep their secrets will unfold behind the clouds and there upon the rainbow is the answer to our never ending story.

Dear your name here.... it's been a long time, very long time since I've heard your voice and I bet you never thought I was so sorry so? I've had a hard time, very hard time seeing less of you. I never thought you knew? so can you see you're seeing less of me darling? and you're blind to the fact of my distinguished sufferance............

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